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Time to study the Typical Bosch Alternator anatomy! In fact most alternators, whether it is Honda, Toyota, or whatever car, have the similar setup. If you have not slept through your high-school Physics class, you probably understand how a typical alternator works.

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Here is an excellent description on how an alternator works, provided by
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I don't want to teach a physics class here - not least because I'm wholly unqualified to do so - but a very basic understanding of two fundamental laws of electromagnetism will vastly ease our understanding of how an alternator works. The two complimentary laws are:

Today we have how an alternator works that brings alongside 20 pictures moreover Alternator Schematic Diagram as well as How Alternator Works Diagram moreover How an Alternator Works Wiring as well as Toyota Alternator Wiring Diagram also with Car Alternator together with Alternators How They Work along with How a Generator Works furthermore Alternator Connector Diagram including How Does a Generator Work Diagram as well as How an Alternator Works Animation.