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Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Tech out of Reading, PA and today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about how to replace your car door mirror. It is really not that difficult. The first thing you have got to remember is you have got to take your door panel off. You have got to take all your screws off. This one has like five or six of them. Every vehicle is different as to the location and how the panel comes off so if you are not sure you might want to get yourself a repair manual and look at it first. Like I said every door panel is a little different so if you pull on it wrong or you are not sure you might end up breaking some clips off on the inside but this particular one when you get the screws off just pulls right off. It has some clips on the inside so if you don't feel like smashing your fingers you can use a screwdriver for this. I'll do it old school here. Once you get it off kind of reach behind it. Unfortunately you are not going to be able to see it but you have got a couple of connectors, two rods back here that you have got to unhook and once you get that off set your door panel off to the side and right here gives you access to your three bolt hole that holds your mirror on. What you want to do is just loosen these up just a little bit but you'll want to take these off by hand. Once you get these loosened up you are going to want to hold the mirror with one hand, take your nuts off the inside here, it is really not that difficult. You can do this in your driveway, no sense in paying a mechanic for this one. Just try not to lose them, get your three nuts off here, make sure you set them somewhere you are not going to lose them. This particular mirror since it is a power mirror does have a harness that goes through it so you'll have to work with this and get it out also but once you get it out that is all there is to replacing a car door mirror.

If buyers are in need of a car door replacement because their door has been damaged by a traffic accident, has been damaged by rust, or has been damaged by any other irreparable incident, car owners should use the information that has been presented in this guide to become more educated about the different types of car doors that are available to them, about how to replace their car doors, and about where the best places to buy replacement car doors are, such as auto parts stores, car dealerships, and online sites like eBay. Replacement car doors are available for all different makes and models of cars with many varying types of doors that can range from two-door coupes to four-door sedans or from conventional car doors to more futuristic-looking scissor car doors from which buyers can choose. Whether car owners ultimately decide to purchase a replacement car door in person at an auto body shop, online at a parts wholesaler website, or through an auction-style website such as eBay, purchasing a replacement car door when they are equipped with the knowledge that has been provided in this guide will make shoppers much more confident in their decisions, and those that are in need of car door replacements will be purchasing and installing them in no time at all.

How to Replace a Car Door Mirror

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