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Flowmaster, one of the most popular names in exhaust systems and mufflers, has been beefing up exhaust tones for over two decades. Many drivers turn to Flowmaster Exhausts to give their vehicles a tough, unique sound, but that's not all they do. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems also enhance your performance, thanks to their fine-tuned designs and high-flow chambered mufflers. For both a bold sound and up to 10% more horsepower, check out the Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust or go with the Hushpower Exhaust if you want a mild or moderate tone. All Flowmaster Exhausts and Components are backed with a 3-Year Warranty.

I had the rare opportunity to install one of the first Flowmaster axle backs on my 2011 GT 5.0. In addition to the legendary , Flowmaster offers the . The Hushpower exhaust is a lightweight, compact muffler that offers a deep, rich tone with minimal interior noise and drone (you know, that 2000rpm drone that's was a complaint in past Flowmaster systems). The exterior sound is mellow and muscular. Missing is the pickup-truck pop apparent in so many aftermarket mufflers.

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Using a vehicle lift, the Hushpower exhaust system install took about an hour, including the time required to take pictures for this article. The hardest part was removing the downpipe that attached to the turbocharger. The key was not to damage the coupler, and make sure the new downpipe was attached correctly. All of the original rubber hangers were reused in this install, and because of the low mileage on the truck, none required replacement. If your truck is older and the hangers are not in perfect shape, they should be replaced.

We began by dyno testing the rear wheel horsepower of the stock truck in order to achieve a baseline figure. The test netted a decent number of 315 hp and 588 lb-ft of torque. From there, we headed to Paul Gonzalez Custom Cars for the exhaust system swap. The Hushpower 4-inch kit matched the stock 4-inch system originally installed on the truck. The OEM resonator delivered from the factory was not used in this system, and the factory kinks in the tubing were eliminated with the Hushpower exhaust kit installed.