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Testing Ignition Coils
Testing ignition coils can be done using an ohm meter. An open circuit in either the primary or secondary coil windings will quickly identify a defective ignition coil. More common is a coil that is partially shorted. This may show up as lower than specified resistance when using on ohm meter. Some shorts inside the coil only occur when the coil is under maximum demand or full engine load. For this reason, using an ohm meter can identify a bad coil if it fails the resistance test, but does not guarantee a good ignition coil.
Coil windings will increase in resistance as they heat, and read lower resistance as they cool. For this reason ignition coil resistance specifications are given for a specific temperature. This is usually room temperature (close to 70 degrees F). Warmer coils may read slightly higher resistance than specified. Primary coil windings often have very low resistance and you should carefully calibrate (zero) your ohm meter to accurately read low resistance values. Secondary coil resistance values are much higher and ohm meters are more accurate for this test. Remember Open circuits will show a defective coil and resistance values that are lower than specified may point out a coil that operates, but is failing. The best way to check an ignition coil is with a lab scope. Spark testers with an adjustable air gap can also identify weak iginition coils.

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    A: Hi Paul, I'm happy to help you! This Beck/Arnley Ignition Coil Resistor - Part No. 178-8000 does not fit your 1960 Ford F-100 Pickup. However, we do offer the exact fit BWD Ignition Coil Resistor - Part No. RU13 for your vehicle online.