Front Inner CV Shaft Boot for the Mitsubishi Pajero.

All Balls 19-5005 Black 21mm x 77mm x 92mm Long CV Boot Kit

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High Angle Inner CV Boot - Products - Off Road Solutions

An Inner CV boot or Gaiter for the front driveshaft on the 100 Series Land Cruisers, manufactured by POK.

This RoughTrax quality branded Outer CV boot fits inboard nearest the differential, it comes complete with CV grease and clips, they are very strong and specifically manufactured for the IFS models.

CV boots are designed to cover the Constant Velocity (CV) joint, they have a bellows shape to them and are attached to either end of the driveshaft. They are designed to protect the CV joint from contaminants entering the joint area and grease from escaping. If found leaking or clips broken then this is an MOT failure.
Each driveshaft has an inner and an outer boot fitted, so there are 2 Inner CV boots and 2 Outer CV boots fitted to a vehicle.

We also sell a kit, CVBK001 if required.

High Angle Inner CV Boot $ 54.95

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$40.95 KIT GENUINE VOLVO 114885 - Inner CV Joint Boot Kit

Slide under and turn the driveshaft you have in the air until you can see the business end of the worm clamp holding the inner Cv boot to the inner driver. If OES, its a 7 mm to open the clamp. Reach in and gently pull the boot off the driver. If OES lube, this can be messy with the lube running out like oil, so put a pan under it. Older boots can tear. Be gentle. Start the boot off in one place with a finger under it and then work it off, don't pull straight on it to remove it. You will get a dirty finger.

This is a replacement front inner CV shaft boot kit for the Mitsubishi Pajero. This kit comes with a high quality, thick rubber boot, clamps and grease. Boots can crack and tear due to age, use or from driving on gravel roads. Once the boot has a hole, grease can leak out, leaving the joint with improper lubrication, as well as allowing dirt inside which also leads to joint damage. Replacing a damged boot immediately is essential to the lifespan of the joint contained within it.