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Automatic Transmissions: What Makes Them Work

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Proper lubrication is the key to reducing wear. Wear protection is established by the correct anti-wear additives, as well as the strength and stability of the oil used as the base stock. Again, what makes this challenging is the wide range of lubrication regimes that occur inside an automatic transmission.

Sequential transmissions are generally controlled by a forward-backward lever, foot pedal, or set of paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. In some cases, these are connected mechanically to the transmission. In many modern examples, these controls are attached to sensors which instruct a transmission computer to perform a shift—many of these systems can be switched into an automatic mode, where the computer controls the timing of shifts, much like an .

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    The snap ring failure is limited to transmission numbers J4A4-1003542through J4A4-1005978. These transmission numbers are limited to 1991 and1992 model year vehicles. You cannot determine whether a car is in the range for possiblefailure by VIN number, you MUST check the TRANSMISSION NUMBERbecause thetransmissions were not installed in sequential order by VIN number. See for instructions onlocating the transmission number.

    In many cars, the automatic transmission can be damaged if towing with the drive wheels on the road. If you have to tow your vehicle, check your owner's manual for the proper way of doing it. If you planning to tow a heavy trailer with your vehicle, consider installing an additional transmission fluid cooler. It's also good idea to change your transmission fluid more often when towing a trailer.