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So lately I've been in desperate need of replacing the struts on my Impala, particularly with the back end becoming slightly lower then the front with an empty trunk I'd like to pick up some KYB AGX struts, Rockauto auto sells them for around $105 a piece under the 05 and older Impala. Then Rockauto is also having a $40 rebate on the struts up to 4/30/15, so I figure around know would be the time to save a tad and pick up in the beginning of the month.

Here I am replacing a very used set of Tokico Illuminas with KYB AGX struts. The old struts were shot due to a poor choice of boots. These are just notes and pictures and not all the information you need to safely remove and replace the struts. It should help though.
New struts and boots

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  • KYB AGX Strut & Shock Kit w/ Quad Shocks (94-04)
    (3) $549.99
  • KYB Americas - World Class Shocks and Struts

    Does your 1994-2004 Mustangs front struts need replaced? Replace you’re worn out original struts with some performance KYB Adjustable AGX strut, this strut features the ability to adjust the front damper in the matter of minutes. With that being said, this strut is great for the Mustang owner that wants to dial in that perfect setup when on the street and strip.

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