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K&N 57-9018 FIPK Performance Air Intake System



A Lexus IS300 Cold Air Intake boosts an engine's power by improving the amount and lowering the temperature of O2 used by the vehicle's engine. Generally, Cold Air Intakes increase useable power by about 10%, but your results may be more or less than that depending on the technology and quality of the component. Cold Air Intakes are available in an array of kinds and are a reliable enhancement or alternative for normal air intakes that have a tendency to be relatively substandard by comparison; upgraded intakes will enhance gas mileage and horsepower. A Lexus won't drive at peak efficiency while having an inoperative Cold Air Intake, so install a replacement as quickly as possible. Repairing your vehicle with an AEM Cold Air Intake in your Lexus IS300 will make sure that your automobile is running as designed.

Lexus IS300 Cold Air Intake and can be a great way to get a quick and easy boost in power for your IS300. Cold Air Intake systems work in the same way: rerouting the stock air intake delivery system for the best performance out of your Lexus IS300. Normally, the air filter in your IS300 is located in the engine bay where it can be easily accessed and replaced. The problem with this is, the heat of the engine bay has adverse effects on your engine’s performance.

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Lexus IS300 Cold Air Intake

K&N Typhoon intake on a Lexus is300