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2004 to 2009 Lexus RX330/RX350 Carpeted Floor Mats - FACTORY OEM - IVORY (Beige)


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The carpet floor mat that goes into your Lexus vehicle is the most important accessory there is. Lexus floor mats take an interior and completely change the appearance. Over the course of days, weeks, months and years, the Lexus carpet floor mats can take a tremendous beating. The wear and tear of daily use and abuse can shorten the life of any carpet floor mat. Between the rain and snow, the heat and high heels, Lexus floor mats need to be replaced on a regular basis to keep the interior of your vehicle looking young.

Not all floor mats are created equal. Take the Lexus RX350 floor mats. The Lexus RX350 came out in 2007. The carpet floor mats were available in 3 colors. Ivory, grey and black. Ivory being the interior name Lexus gave the tan interior. The Lexus RX 350 floor mats also fit the 2004 – 2006 RX330. In 2010 the shape and colors changed for the Lexus floor mats RX350. These mats are available in black and brown only. 2013 saw another change in the Lexus RX350 floor mats as the safety hook style changed.

Lexus floor mats: Not all created equal

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We also manufacture our own version of every OEM Floor Mat to exact factory specs. The Buy Auto Parts brand Floor Mats look, fit, and perform the same as the factory Lexus Floor Mats. Because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are able to buy them at just a fraction of the price!

The car mat that goes in your car is one of the more integral accessories in the car. In the long winter months, or over the rainy days of early spring, snow and rain abound on the ground outside. It’s common for people stepping in and out of their cars to drag mud across the floor, which typically will ruin the floor mats over time. However, this need not be the case with high-quality Lexus car mats, which both attractive and built for the abuse that bad weather brings.