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If a more aggressive exterior exhaust note combined with a more subtle interior effect is what you're after, look no further than the STILLEN 2016 Nissan Maxima exhaust system. It is a high quality system that is easier on the budget and your passengers' ears than a full cat-back system. The performance gains are not as significant compared to our cat-back system, but the axle-back system is the perfect solution for those who value a more luxurious and quiet cabin feel along with enhanced sound.

We love style as much as you do, so we finished the 2016 Maxima exhaust with a 4-inch angle cut, dual wall, tapered exhaust tip. It fills the factory exhaust cut out nicely; delivering an aggressive look that matches the enhanced exhaust note. At the same time, it imparts a higher quality feel worthy of the restyled Maxima. And if you want to further personalize your Maxima, we recommend the STILLEN KB12818 rear diffuser, designed to complement our exhausts systems with perfect fit and aggressive styling.

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    The Nissan Maxima offers plenty of comfort and performance, making it one of the more desirable sedans in the market. Attractive pricing makes it even more appealing for many. It achieves a lot in terms of performance but it can only go so far when using the restrictive stock exhaust system. Stock exhaust systems limit engine performance by hampering the free flow of exhaust gases, thereby restraining the engine’s power. To achieve unfettered performance, you need to replace your Maxima stock exhaust system with a performance exhaust system from CARiD. Aftermarket Nissan Maxima exhaust systems enhance performance by reducing backpressure and turbulence and enabling efficient evacuation of exhaust gases, leaving room for oxygen to come in. The effect of this is increased horsepower and torque, enabling achievement of top performance within a short duration of time.

    We are delighted to hear that, based on feedback generated by Project Maxima, HKS is moving to full production on its 2000 Maxima exhaust system. Our prototype system was used to develop the production set-up, which is slated to be on the street by the time this issue hits the newsstands.