If you really want me to list all the Mazda Part numbers let me know.

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If the part is a fastener, it will have the Mazda part number listed beside it in the picture. For example: 99940-0801. These numbers can be the hardest to read, so it sometimes helps to check the same illustration on another page.

Now look up those numbers in the right hand column. We see for part position 43-7A2 that it's a "Relay, Motor Hydraulic Unit". The Mazda part number is NA23-43-7A2, and there is a quantity of (1) per car. The second relay is listed right below it.

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Does anybody know the OEM mazda part numbers for the interior door handles? I have a crazy idea to do with them but ill delve into that later. Thanks

Looking for an OEM replacement starter or alternator

Sometimes there are different versions based on the VIN number of the car, in which case you should know the VIN and look to the bottom of the parts page to see which one it should take. If it's an interior part you will need to choose a color suffix "-00" or "-02". These get added to the Mazda part number, for example "FD18-88-111-02".

Here we see a couple of boxy shaped things that resemble the relays. Their position codes are 43-7A3 and 43-7A2. This is not the Mazda part number, but you're almost there.