Mercury Marquis hubcaps 1974-78

OxGord Hubcap for Ford Crown Victoria & Mercury Grand Marquis Auto Wheel Cover, Aftermarket Factory Replacement with ABS Chrome Plastic Fits 16" Inch Car Tires

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1974 - 1977 Mercury Cougar Hubcap

For an extremely affordable rate, you can replace that hubcap quicklyand easily. If you are searching for Mercury Hubcaps, selectyour model by choosing from the options at left!

To make things better I took a digital photo of one of the Merc hubcaps and printed it at full size. Then I took that print and laid it over some red vinyl tape and cut out the letters. I did this 4 times (once for each hubcap). I applied the vinyl letters onto the Merc hubcaps to spruce them up with fresh colour, and then I did the same to the Ford hubcaps. Now (from a distance) all of the hubcaps match!

1974 - 1977 Mercury Cougar Hubcap

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1974 - 1977 Mercury Cougar Hubcap

Selling your car? Then a new set of hubcaps adds value to the look and selling price of your car. If you really want to save some money on your next set of Mercury Hubcaps consider our or . These universal aftermarket hubcaps fit any car. There's some information on how to measure hubcap size to the right.

Removing Ford Mercury hubcaps is a fairly easy task that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. You can also do the job anywhere, whether in a garage, in front of your house, in a parking lot or in front of the store where you just purchased your new hubcaps. There is a specialized hubcap removal tool. Unless you plan to remove a lot of hubcaps, however, there really is no need for it. A screwdriver should suffice.