Our Maza Miata carpet sets are plush, .

2006 to 2008 Mazda Miata Carpet Custom Molded Replacement Kit, MX-5 (801-Black Plush Cut Pile)


Mazda Miata Carpet & Floor Protection - JCWhitney

This car carpet is dyed in a continuous range operation with special chemicals added to reduce fading, in many cases far outlasting the Miata original carpets. It is also tested for ozone humidity fading and lightfastness for maximum lifespan. This new carpet will add resale value to your Mazda Miata, you will be amazed how clean and fresh your Miata's interior will feel. This carpet is the highest quality aftermarket carpet available in the industry. We use Computer-aided, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and the strict quality control to ensure this Mazda Miata carpet will fit perfectly!

Customize your Miata! In addition to original Mazda Miata carpet colors choose from hundreds of custom carpet kit colors and fabrics. Why not choose "Power Pumpkin" or "Flaming Fuchsia" for your Mazda Miata? Yeeee-ouch!

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Mazda Miata Custom Carpet Complete Set - Sale!
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Katzkin Premium Italian Leather Miata Seat Upholstery 1990-2014 - Sale!
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Because each order is custom molded just for you, the picture shown is an only an example of what your molded carpet will look like. It does not represent exactly what your Mazda Miata carpet will look like.

The mats themselves are about 9/16” thick and very plush. They smell good too. The carpet material is 2 ply cut pile – The only difference to my stock 1995 Miata carpet and floor mats which are actually loop carpet. I don’t care too much for loop carpet so these are a perfect look for me. But if you insist in the vintage look of loop carpet, then Part Catalog also has the previously mentioned TruBerber mats as well as Classic Loop Lloyd Floor Mats which are both loop carpet. The floor mats are available with upgraded binding as well. I decided to keep it simple. I quite like the binding that came with them.