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Ford Mustang Car Covers - Indoor & Outdoor - 1964 - 2016

Just to provide a few recommendations, our top selling indoor Mustang Car Cover is the . It has a satiny exterior and a soft fleece inner lining the babies your cars paint. It looks extremely sexy on the car and protects your vehicle from the day to day garage hazards.

The Ford Mustang has been capturing the hearts of American drivers 50 years. The Ford Mustang was introduced during the mid 60’s when baby-boomers were coming of age and the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. It was a generation of change and Ford knew they wanted a car nothing like their parents. The Mustang has been an Icon of freedom, rebellion, and true American muscle for every generation since. Keep that spirit alive and keep your Mustang protected for years to come with specially designed Ford Mustang covers from CoverMates™ or a custom fit, made to order Mustang cover from Cover Craft. Both are crafted from the best materials in the industry and designed in the USA.

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  • Fender Mustang II Cover

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  • Fender Mustang IV Cover

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  • Fender Mustang V Head Cover

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  • Fender Mustang V 412 Cabinet Cover

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  • Fishman Loudbox Mini Slip Cover

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Depending on location, traveling off the beaten path is periodically needed, and in this case, the Ford Mustang is a great vehicle purchase. When good fuel economy and reliability are important for your driving habits, consumers trust vehicles manufactured by Ford. For car owners who place urgency on reliability and innovation, Ford can be trusted to deliver. If your most important preference in a car is to go farther on less gas, or to get there quickly, the Ford Mustang is a type of vehicle that will meet the goals of you and your family. For lasting quality and dependability consumers can believe in the innovation of Ford, a trusted car manufacturer. Ford automobiles have a reputation for reliability in addition to advanced construction. Ford autos are known for high resale offers. The Ford Mustang usually requires high cost repairs, which makes it important to work hard to keep up maintenance for this vehicle. When searching for sturdy build and reliable craftsmanship you can't go wrong with a powerful vehicle from Ford. When doing long commutes, add-ons that can offer a better travel experience for your passengers include installed entertainment systems. Brand new vehicles are packed with a variety of features that require the best replacement parts. A vehicle's paint should last for several years and a well made Ford Mustang Car Cover will insulate it from an environment full of things like leaves, dirt and harmful UV rays from intensive sunlight. Your car is a major investment that you need to protect with a new a Ford Mustang Car Cover. A quality Ford Mustang Car Cover is designed to keep your vehicle looking good. If a car must sit outside more than you like, you can lessen damage to its paint by shielding it with a Ford Mustang Car Cover designed specifically for the make and model of your car. A custom made Ford Mustang Car Cover is a heavy-weight cover made from several different materials meant to insulate the vehicle's paint and interior.

Today’s Mustangs are reminiscent of the original with sleek, sporty lines, long hoods, and short rear decks. The vehicle remains popular among enthusiasts. Regardless of which generation of Ford Mustang you have, you no doubt want to keep it in mint condition, so it’s necessary to protect it when you park your car outdoors. At Car Covers Direct, a custom-sized Mustang cover is made for the exact dimensions of your vehicle’s year and model, so it fully covers the car and protects it from: