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Nissan is a Japanese automobile maker that has been around for 81 years since 1933. Nissan is the 6th biggest automobile maker in the world. You bought your Nissan Pathfinder when your family got bigger. You needed that extra space that the Pathfinder provided you with and you loved how smooth of a ride it was. Your Pathfinder has accumulated a lot of miles on it though and it is not driving like it use to. You have started to notice that it is surging when you are driving it at a consistent speed. Since you know this is not normal you take it to the mechanic. The mechanic tells you that your Nissan fuel pump is malfunctioning and you are going to need a Nissan replacement fuel pump.

We offer a full selection of genuine Nissan Fuel Pump, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Fuel Pump result by selecting the vehicle.

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Nissan cars are well-known for its performance and the quality. If all the components in your Nissan works perfectly, you can enjoy a comfortable driving. In your vehicle, Nissan Fuel Pump is a contributing part which needs to be maintained perfectly. If you find any difference in the working of the Nissan Fuel Pump you need to get the good quality replacement part. You should maintain your vehicle in a perfect working condition to have a smooth drive. Nothing can be done if, the Nissan Fuel Pump does not work during the drive. You can avoid this problem by having a regular check on the working of the Nissan Fuel Pump. When you find any defect in the functioning of the Nissan Fuel Pump, you need to replace it as early as possible to get the best out of it.

But what does a Nissan fuel pump do? Well there are two types of Nissan fuel pumps we are going to look at: a mechanical and an electric fuel pump. The type of Nissan fuel pump you need depends on what type of fuel injection system your Pathfinder has. We will touch more on that later on. First, let us take a look at the function of a fuel pump.