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For reliability and inexpensive design, car enthusiasts rely on precision engineered vehicles designed by Nissan. For cars that offer driver control, comfort, and superior quality, car enthusiasts trust in Nissan. Nissan vehicles are celebrated for their unique looks and effortless control in addition to their fuel efficiency and durability mile after mile. An automobile coming from Nissan can be completely trusted to have rock solid mechanical quality. Nissan is a quality manufacturer of mid-level autos that fuse affordability with a comfortable ride feel. You trust cars from Nissan to give excellent reliability and classic styling. The sporty design and easy maneuvering of Nissan vehicles give drivers a zippy and safe ride. Safeguards and dependability are key focuses for Nissan, a dependable car manufacturer whose name is known for excellence. To keep the style and elegance you chose with your Nissan Altima, it's key to buy only the best names in high-performance car parts. Nissan is an innovative dealer of compact vehicles that feature good fuel economy and effortless maneuvering. World-class capability and engine performance are dependent on great components and accessories. Protect your car's critical components by investing in the ultimate in high-quality engine components. Nissan Altima Spark Plugs will eventually become corroded and worn because of carbon deposits from your vehicle. Nissan Altima Spark Plugs require an electrical current to produce the spark necessary for gas combustion. If your vehicle is experiencing poor gas mileage, rough idle or stalling, trouble with acceleration or has difficultly starting, you should change the Nissan Altima Spark Plugs. Nissan Altima Spark Plugs are used to ignite the gas through the use of an electrical spark. The spark plugs contain a pair of electrodes across which electricity jumps to touch off the fuel, activating your vehicle's pistons. Your Nissan Altima ought to be kept in peak shape and maintained regularly; that can mean selecting the right new and OEM parts. Usually the hardest thing about repairing a car or truck is finding a good source for reliable parts.

Thirty-year-old Abu Hamizan bin Mohamad Junidi, a uniformed personnel, said he did not have enough money and decided to steal two Nissan NGK spark plugs that cost just under $30 each, from Sim Kim Huat (SKH) Department Store in Kampong Kiulap on October 22, 2016 at about 8.20pm.

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