Turbo oil drain Boss— suitable for 1/2 NPT return— not drilled.

The pan is thick enough to allow tack welding in oil control baffles for competitive use.


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Oil dipstick mount— not drilled to allow customization to clear header tubes etc.


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Keeps the oil near the pickup for Drag Racing or for Stunt Riding.


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FloTool 42003MI Drain Container, 16 quart


in oil pan and engine component manufacturing.

5 - Once all the bolts are removed then the Oil Pan should drop away from the engine. Sometimes it needs a gentle tap. Other times part of the Oil Pan Gasket may stay attached to both the engine and the Oil Pan. Since the gasket is to be replaced it is okay to cut it.

4. An oil pan assembly for an internal combustion engine according to claim 3 wherein said baffle means includes an upper channel-shaped baffle to form a drain trough, said upper baffle having longitudinally spaced apart drain spouts in the bottom portion thereof, and a lower baffle having spaced apart drain apertures therein, said lower baffle being secured to the underside of said upper baffle with said drain apertures of said lower baffle in alignment with said drain spouts of said upper baffle to form said longitudinal drain openings, said lower baffle forming, with said bottom panel and portions of said sidewalls and said end walls, said lower sump chamber.

Melling M77 standard volume oil pump for Chevy big block engines.

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Works well with the G3510 oil pan.

new belt, cooler burning spark plugs, increased 330cc fuel injectors ( ) and new air filter. While doing this, I replaced the oil pan gasket, oil dipstick o-ring, and the cam position o-ring (all prone to leak, so while it was oil less, decided to replace for peace of mind and to avoid oil leaks down the road. 

6 - For some cars, the Oil Pan will easily be removed completely from the car. In others cars part of the frame of the car will get in the way and it will not be possible to remove the Oil Pan all the way from the car. In either case the old Oil Pan Gasket will need to be cleaned/scraped off of the Oil Pan and the Engine. It is just harder to clean when the Oil Pan cannot be completely removed.