Outer CV boot replacement on a 1996 Saab 900SE turbo

Dorman HELP! 03680 Universal Solid Constant Velocity Boot


Rein® BKN0013P - Front Outer CV Joint Boot Kit

OK I've read and reread the Haynes manual have searched here and just about every other forum, my question is do I just drive the outer CV off the axle with a drift? If I do, do I risk damage to the inner CV/Pot Joint? I'm assuming you need a new circlip upon reassembly. The outer CV boot was torn and spraying lube all over the inner fender so I just cut it off to get a better look at things.

Front Outer CV Joint Boot Kit (BKN0020R) by Rein®. Used 2 per Car. Axle boots are exposed to some of the most rigorous conditions like road debris, oil, exposure to the elements, and so on. Therefore, accelerated wear and tear is a common problem for all CV joint boots. So, when you need to replace old or damaged boots, Rein provides you with OE-quality Axle Boot Kits that are always correct in fit, form, and come with everything needed for installation.

front axle outer cv boot this view is from the

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Why is it that whenever you bring a car in for work, it almost always leave needing other work? Anyway, looks like my left outer CV boot is torn and slightly leaking. Should I just replace the boot or the entire CV axle shaft? I know the parts would be slightly more costly, but is it more worthwhile to replace it entirely?

Thoughts on this (i.e. is this what I would need?) GSP New CV Axle Shaft Assembly

2002 Hyundai Elantra (99K) - AT

Mevotech® DX877 - Front Outer CV Joint Boot

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Outer CV boot replacement on a 1996 Saab 900SE turbo. The repair had to be done because the old boot developed a crack and started leaking grease.
Tools and supplies:

new CV boot kit: boot, clamps, snap ring and grease;
32 mm socket: hub centre nut;
18 mm socket: tie rod nut;
17 mm socket: wheel bolts;
15 mm socket: control arm to subframe bolt;
13 mm socket: lower sway bar link nut;
11 mm open wrench: upper part of sway bar link;
10 mm Allen key: caliper bolts;
5 mm Allen key: ABS sensor screws, rotor index screw;
torque wrench;
car jack and axle stands;
C-clamp: for tightening the tie rod end;
breaker bar;
gear puller;

Make sure your new OUter CV boot kit came with a good / proper band clamp to hold properly. Many cheaper CV's come with just a big long tie strap. In most cases I have found the binding lug is too tall and it bumps on the outer nuckle housing when turning. THis moves it. shifs it and will cause it to come off. Then again - slinging grease everywhere.