(Depressing the pedal againreleases the parking brake.)

Dorman 924-305 Cadillac/Chevrolet/GMC Parking Brake Release


Yay! You're now following disk parking brake in your .

Although sometimes known as an emergency brake, using it in any emergency where the footbrake is still operational is likely to badly upset the brake balance of the car and vastly increase the likelihood of loss of control of the vehicle, for example by initiating a rear-wheel skid. Additionally, the stopping force provided by using the handbrake is small and would not significantly aid in stopping the vehicle. The parking brake operates generally only on the rear wheels, which have reduced traction while braking but in some cases, parking brake operates on the front wheels, as done in most Citroens manufactured since the end of World War II. The hand brake is instead intended for use in case of mechanical failure where the regular footbrake is inoperable or compromised. Modern brake systems are typically very reliable and equipped with hydraulics and low-brake-fluid sensor systems, meaning the handbrake is rarely used to stop a moving vehicle.

In , the parking brake, also called hand brake, emergency brake, or e-brake, is a latching usually used to keep the vehicle stationary. It is sometimes also used to prevent a vehicle from rolling when the operator needs both feet to operate the clutch and throttle pedals. Automobile hand brakes usually consist of a directly connected to the brake mechanism on one end and to a lever or foot pedal at the driver's position. The mechanism is often a hand-operated (hence the name), on the floor on either side of the , or a pull handle located below and near the steering wheel column, or a (foot-operated) located far apart from the other pedals.

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re: " Parking Brakes, Here are 7 types, What would you use?

I have the Kirk's Creations one (the fourth one on you list {$95 ebay one}) and I could not be happier! I've done a couple of threads on the brake with a pretty extensive review of it, but unfortunately for you, I don't think it works with EPS as the bracket for the brake pedal and the EPS compete for the same realestate.

Just remember that the ones that have you tap into the brake lines (they are basically like a line-lock for a race car) they only engage the rear brakes while the camlock style engages all four brakes just like you are applying the pressure yourself.

Parking Brake Components - Auto Parts & Accessories

There is an oval-shaped rubber plug at the bottom of the backing plate. Remove it and use a screwdriver to turn the star-wheel to adjust the parking brake shoes just like you would a drum brake.

If inspection proves that replacement parts are in order, look no further because we can supply you with all of your parking brake needs. We have parking brake shoes, pads, cables, linkage, hardware, adjusters, even release levers, and much more. All of our replacement parts are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications for fit, performance, and durability. This means that for a more affordable price, you get parts that will fit and install the same as OE, operate and perform the same as OE, and deliver OE reliability.