I Have Oil in My Radiator Reservoir Tank What Should I Do

Genuine Kia 25430-3E200QQK Reserve Tank Assembly

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Checking the Engine Adding Engine Coolant Coolant Level

When a vehicle radiator overheats and overflows, many people simply add water to the radiator and forget it. While adding water is a good temporary stopgap measure, you should always add antifreeze to the radiator or radiator reserve tank as soon as possible. Using water alone will eventually cause your vehicle to overeat again and offers no protection against the car engine block from freezing up in the winter. You should only use water in an emergency, and never in place of a quality antifreeze coolant.

The stock radiator reservoir tank is made from plastic. This product will improve durability and atmosphere of engine room by replacing to the aluminum product.

Three Easy Steps to Installing a Coolant Reservoir

  • Replace the black plastic cap on the 2003 Honda Accord radiator reserve tank. Visually inspect for leaks.
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