How a basic radiator system works

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It is not ideal to position radiators behind full length drapes, as heat will be trapped behind them and not directed into the room. Similarly, it is best to avoid placing radiators next to a bed’s headboard, or behind a solid object that will inhibit the natural spread of heat. We will work with you when designing your radiator system to ensure ideal radiator placement based on your rooms’ layouts.

We design each radiator system to be the most efficient as possible given your home’s layout and your heating needs. To do this, there are important things we keep in mind when designing each radiator central heating system.

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    "The boiler and radiator system is not particularly the best option whenever you're trying to maintain artifacts," Engstrom said. It didn't circulate air in the building, leading to high humidity which can cause the artifacts to deteriorate.

    To drain a radiator, as mentioned in one off the above paragraphs, you can either freeze the pipes at both ends and fit a drain off valve to drain down or just open a nut nearest to the radiator at both end and drain down. To drain slowly, you may need to keep the bleed valve in the closed position. To drain the radiator quickly, you will need to undo the bleed valve. It is very important to have a tub with cut outs or not cut out, under the radiator. There are special bags you can buy to drain the complete radiator system without worrying of getting any water on the floor. Another tip would be to hoover the water as it is draining using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.