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At ReadyRads we specialise in the repair, recondition, recore or new replacement of Copper and Brass or plastic and aluminium Car and Commercial radiators, over the years we have increased the products to include Number Plates , Air Conditioning Condensers, Compressors, Receiver Dryers, Oil Coolers, Intercoolers, Heaters and other related products.

The Company’s line of complete radiators for automobile and light truck applications consists of more than 900 models, which are able to service approximately 95% of the automobiles and light trucks in the United States. These include the line of Ready-Rad radiators. The Ready Rad Plus line with adaptable fittings has the ability to fit the requirements of an array of vehicles, enabling distributors to service a larger number of vehicles with lower inventory levels. The HBX Line supplements the Ready Rad Plus Line by offering heat transfer and structural durability for selected applications. Complete radiators are also sold throughout Europe under the NRF brand and in Mexico and Central America through the Company’s MexPar subsidiary.

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I went through two Ready rad radiators. Both of them leaked at the seam on top. After paying my mechanic twice for labor, I finally had to get a refund and go with another brand.