Here’s a list of what’s needed when replacing EGR valves:

APDTY 015320 EGR Valve Fits 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Engine On 2003-2010 Ford Trucks & Vans (Replaces Ford 5C3Z9F452AA, CX2020, 4C3Z9F452A, 4C3Z9F452ARM, 5C3Z-9F452-AA, 5C3Z9F452ARM, 1846491C91)

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Replace an EGR Valve: Video Series | eHow

When you know how to replace the EGR valve in the Land Rover Discovery you will feel better about caring for your car. It’s quite easy to replace the exhaust gas recirculator (EGR) valve of the Land Rover Discovery and you need not be an expert in automobiles to get this job done perfectly, though you should have some basic idea on things present under the hood of your Land Rover Discovery.

I listen from Taurus owners that just had the same problem (EGR insufficient and EGR excessive) and they replaced the EGR valve and the 4 oxygen sensors (if you do this use Ford sensors). This didn't fix the problem; then changed the Vacuum Regulator Solenoid and a tube mounted sensor part numbers F63Z-9J459-AA, and 4U7Z-9J460-AA. this fixed my check engine light and code issues, as well as it stopped idling so high that it caused the trans to jump into gear. It sometimes jumped so hard that he thought he had a broken motor mount.

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Replace EGR valve in '98 Camry?

My EGR valve is bad according to a diagnostic test I had a autoshop
run yesterday. I need to replace it.

If I were to buy one, is this an easy thing to replace on a 1998 Camry
LE V6? Or should I get a mechanic to do it?

No, I'm not terribly handy, but if its obvious, I certainly don't want
to pay someone.



How to Replace an EGR valve « Auto Maintenance & Repairs

Achieve breathtaking performance every time you put the pedal to the metal by investing in top-notch EGR valves from AutoZone. Factory EGR valves restrain your ride from achieving supreme drivability and the high performance you crave, but our quality replacement EGR valves are built tough from premium materials and boast a longer shelf life. Effectively reduce emissions and ensure that your vehicle's performing at its maximum potential by choosing from AutoZone's extensive selection of EGR valves.

To replace the EGR valve; firstly you have to disengage the battery for 5 minutes minimum, so that the system is disconnected completely. Taking an example of the American 3.1L Chevy engine; subsequently you have to find out the location of EGR valve. On the top right after the airs tube you will see 3 inlet shafts having 3 screws (torx) at its top. With the help of flat screwdriver shove the connector locking tab inside, while clutching the electrical cable and dragging it up and out. On both sides of the valve 10mm bolt is easily visible.