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1999-07 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Universal 4dr Extended Cab Outer Rocker Panels (Pair)


Rocker Panels: What Are They And Where Are They?

Take your vehicle's looks to the next level with Dee Zee U-Cut Chrome Rocker Panels. These chrome trim pieces are the easiest way to customize your style. Trim the panels down to size for a perfect fit - or cut your own wild custom designs.

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    After cutting all the bad metal out and grinding the entire area I was ready to weld the first inner rocker in place. The new inner rocker had some holes and indentations in it so it was easy to line up with the small remaining sections of good metal that was left in tact. I clamped the new inner rocker panel in place and welded it. With the inner rocker installed it was time to start on the passenger side outer rocker panel and cab corner. I didn’t want to remove the truck’s bed so getting the cab corner welded in place would be a challenge.

    I clamped the outer rocker to the inner rocker and used the door to make sure everything was straight and in line. I decided the best way to weld the new panel in place on the inside of the door was to drill holes about 2 inches apart the entire length of the rocker panel. This way I could weld the two panels together iside the holes similar to a spot welder. This accomplished two things, it cut down on the amount of built-up material that would need to be grinded off, and it lessened the possibility of creating too much heat from welding and possibly warping the metal. Once the welds were ground down it was easy to finish the cosmetic repairs with some bondo.