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Under the chassis monitor i can't seem to pull throught the I/O controls. I can open the I/O controls under the emulator, but this tab is not pulled through to RSLogix 5000. Everything else here works perfectly - any thoughts.

I know this is going to sound stupid, but I am so very used to the old addressing system in the SLC 500 and older Siemens PLC's that I cannot get the newer stuff down. I would like to know, if I am troublshooting and think I have a bad outout on Control Logix using RSLogix 5000 hw do I know or fond out what input or output the tag name database is attached to? The older stuff I knew where the physical address was but with this I am lost. Any help would be great.

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I am trying to understand a little more about the Emulator.
Let's say I have RSLogix5000 program with all the I/O cards already configured (Not the simulated but actual I/O card). So when I am ready to download the program I know I have match the processor slot # to match with the Emulator processor slot #. But do I have to delete the actual I/O tree configuration inside the program since the Emulator does not have the I/O cards configured? or it does not matter, it will simply ignore the I/O configuration?

To start the Chassis Monitor, click Start > Programs > Rockwell Software > RSLogixEmulate 5000 > RSLogix Emulate 5000 Chassis Monitor.