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Spec-D Tuning MFH-3CV92 Honda Civic 2/4dr Ex Dx Lx Exhaust Catback System, Header, Test Pipe


Yamaha XJ6 Stock exhaust system

When it's time to repair, replace, or rebuild your Corvette exhaust system, Eckler's Corvette is the number one place to go. Eckler's Corvette has a huge variety of Corvette stock exhaust systems, Corvette performance exhaust systems, and Corvette exhaust parts for your car. There's no better place in the nation to shop for Corvette exhaust system parts.

The Cobb exhaust system has 1 catalytic converter (unless you ordered the catless version which is not recommend for the 07 STI). The Cobb exhaust system has 3 pipe sections. The Cobb exhaust system is too large to reuse the stock heat shielding sections. Cobb makes a heat shield for the turbo, but it is possible to trim the stock heat shield for reuse at this location if you wish to maintain a stock-like appearance in the engine bay. I have not covered any trimming procedures in this DIY. The Cobb exhaust system is designed to reuse 2 of the stock exhaust system gaskets as listed in the Parts section above. The 3" Midpipe-to-Muffler gasket with 2 nuts and bolts is included with the Stage 2 Package, TBE, or CBE purchase. Be careful when removing the TBE, so that the stock exhaust gaskets can be reused. You can also purchase new stock exhaust gaskets from your local Subaru dealership.

Mitsubishi Galant Stock Exhaust system and flex replacement

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That's why mine is super quiet, until you hit the boost. Then, it's bye bye!

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08 Challenger / Stock exhaust system

The stock exhaust system has 2 catalytic converters, 4 pipe sections, and bolt-on heat shielding that covers the turbo (2nd picture), up-pipe (3rd picture), and catalytic converters. The stock exhaust system is held on by a series of nuts, bolts, and exhaust hangers.

If you're concerned that your car exhaust system needs replacing, address it promptly. Exhaust repairs can be a fairly simple home project, but putting off exhaust repairs can end up costing you more. Signs that your car needs car exhaust repair include: loud noises upon car startup, loss of power or new vibrations while driving, increased car exhaust emissions and lowered fuel efficiency. Once you've identified the source of the problem, trust Advance to supply a quality Walker Muffler, MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter or Walker Exhaust Pipe to complete the job.

But maybe you're just looking to spice things up. The average car buyer doesn't want to hear the auto exhaust or feel the vibration inside the cabin. As such, original equipment car exhaust systems tend to be muffled and restricted. This reduces the engine's ability to make more power. A free-flowing car exhaust helps other bolt-on upgrades, such as a cold air intake, perform better. More air in equals more exhaust out, sending more power to the wheels. Stock car exhaust systems tend to be heavy and restrictive with relatively small outlets. Thanks to advancements in muffler design, you can now choose what kind of sound you prefer and even how loud it is. Throw a MagnaFlow performance muffler on there and check out the sweet rumble you get when you put your foot down.