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Feraboli and his team in Seattle pioneered a new form of carbon fiber manufacturing called Forged Composite (or FC) to create the Sesto Elemento. Forged composite carbon fiber is created when a block of material is weighed and then dropped into a metal mold. Using pressure and heat in an autoclave, the block of carbon fiber is formed into the required shape in less than three minutes. There is less need for curing or reheating the component to finish it, and it can be put into the manufacturing chain almost immediately. The resulting material is strong enough that it can be used to make things like suspension control arms (like in the Sesto Elemento).

Energy Suspensions control arm bushings are full-floating and non-binding - this is especially important when suspension ride height is altered or greater suspension load is required. Most bushings are pre-lubricated. This is especially important for both lowered and raised vehicles that have had drastic suspension geometry modifications. Energy Suspension HYPERFLEX™ polyurethane control arm bushings do not rot or deteriorate from oils or atmospheric conditions. Energy Suspension bushings will not deteriorate in a few short years and cause that mushy, uncertain steering response. Most bushings come with zinc plated outer metal shells. Available in red or black.

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    Suspension and control arm bushings are one of the most important components that determine how your car will handle. If your bushings are worn or deteriorated you may notice several undesirable characteristics. Excessive vibration, clunking noises and overall poor and imprecise steering are the most common side effects of a worn bushing. It goes without saying that if your car's steering is compromised safety will also be a concern.

    Replacing suspension and control arm bushings not only keeps your vehicle handling properly they can also provide some performance gains. By upgrading to a harder polyurethane bushing over a rubber bushing, you will stiffen the suspension. Therefore increasing your cornering capabilities and overall stability. Braking and stopping distance will also increase as there is less movement in the suspension system. Overall, a harder bushing will keep the suspension geometry correct and help insure maximum tire contact on the road. A polyurethane bushing will also be more durable, withstanding the degradation that comes from high temperatures, road salt, and wear. In race applications the bushing maybe substituted entirely with solid metal components.