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As OEM equipment for many Japanese manufacturers, Tokico once had a rich catalog of aftermarket dampers for Japanese nostalgic cars. Unfortunately, the company has let many of those part numbers disappear from the catalogs. We got into a very detailed conversation with company representatives on why it is so difficult to revive those parts, and the picture they painted is pretty bleak. However, it is the hope of Tokico USA and their distributor Motovicity that by putting the BRE 510 front and center at the largest aftermarket trade show in the world, minds further up the payscale will be changed.

Due to my involvement in the Lexus owners and enthusiast community, I was contacted by David Chou of Tokico USA by way of VIP Auto Salon to test fit a set of their latest line of shocks for the IS F, the Tokico HTS Damper (red) series. They wanted to confirm the cross-compatibility of their exisiting second generation Lexus IS shock application with the IS F. Sharing my existing knowledge of the 2nd gen IS platform with David, we both compared our data and decided that the existing 2nd Gen IS shocks should be similar if not the same in mounting and shape. We scheduled a time to do a test fit a set of HTS Dampers on my F. Since they are going to take out my suspension, David suggested that I can use existing stock spring setup with the HTS or bring a set of aftermarket springs of my choice. Since the suspension has to be removed and reinstalled, I decided to do the latter since I had plans to do this anyway. Since i’ve had great experience with the Eibach Pro Kit springs on my previous Solara and IS 300, I decided to put them (Part# 8289.140) on my IS F. I am still riding on the factory 19″ BBS forged alloy wheels and did not want an extreme drop. The Pro Kit mildly lowers the front at 0.7″ and the rears at 0.3″. The HTS Dampers do not alter ride height in any way. I wanted to retain as much of the factory look as possible without sacrificing wheel clearance.

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TOKICO USA INC is in the Electronic Parts and Equipment, N.E.C. industry in Berea, KY. This company currently has approximately Over 300,000 employees and annual sales of Over $1,000,000,000.

HTS shocks are sold in complete sets only. Each kit includes 1 dampening adjustment tool, 2 front struts, 2 rear struts, 4 stem nuts (2 front, 2 rear), 4 adjustable caps. These are imported by Tokico USA for competition use, and do not carry regular warranty.