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White Nylon Door Trim Panel Retainers

This reproduction upper dash trim panel will fit any 1978-1987 Buick Regal and is made by the same process that GM used originally, injection molded. The quality is excellent. We have seen a production sample and it is dead-on match to the original GM panel. The grey is impregnated into the plastic, which will closely match the original Grand National grey trim colors.

It is quite simple to remove door trim panel on your Yukon 1999 model but you require some steps to follow and tools along with the necessary precautions. First of all ahead of removing your door panel detach the negative battery cable. As taking your door panel out needs contact with several electrical components; and if you don’t cut off the negative battery cable, you may caught by electrical shock.

Bojo Trim Panel Tools - Line Drawings

  • Remove the trim panel from the door.
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    Removing a door trim panel may seem daunting because all the fasteners are hidden. But if you know what to look for, you can remove all the fasteners and lift the entire door panel off in less than 15 minutes—without a factory diagram.

    Towards the rear, the crossover appears to have received a thinner set taillights. Meanwhile the rear quarter panels now have softer lines and curves and the side windows now have metal trim panels.