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Power Stop K2813 Front/Rear Ceramic Brake Pad and Cross Drilled/Slotted Combo Rotor One-Click Brake Kit


Toyota Tundra Brake Rotors - JCWhitney

There have been reports of Toyota Tundra brake problems. Toyota Tundra models have serious break problems, many of which Toyota is refusing to take responsibility for. Toyota recently issued a recall notice for its 2004-2005 model Toyota Tundras equipped with dual exhaust because one of the exhaust pipes was found to rub against the brake line. Toyota states that this will “possibly cause brake fluid leakage and raise the risk of a crash”. To put it honestly, the friction will cause break fluid to leak and the brakes will fail. Whether the car crashes or not depends on how fast you are going, whether you are driving downhill, and the behavior of vehicles surrounding you.

How to Improve 4Runner Brakes – Make Them Tundra Brakes
Some Toyota tech or gearhead probably held up a Tundra brake caliper to a 4Runner bracket, or noticed the 4Runner and Tundra rotors were the same diameter. Genius frequently needs a nudge for inspiration to hook, and in a moment the Tundra swap was born. Hell, it could have been planned all along by Toyota, or parts were used across truck lines to save costs. Perhaps the 4Runner caliper bracket was used during Tundra prototyping. No matter, swap’s on.

BRAKE JOB: Toyota Tundra Brake Caliper Upgrade

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Replacing worn brakes is made easy with a Toyota Tundra Brake Pad Set

Four Bolts, Four Fittings
This installation is one of those bolt-on jobbies that makes you ask repeatedly “What did I forget?” It’s almost easy enough to do with a beer assist. Alright, we do not advocate getting blotto while working with pointy tools or things that could kill you (like the weight of a 4Runner – always use jack stands), but short of trimming the splash shield and taking a grinder to the back of your wheels (if you use the ubiquitous cast-aluminum split-three Toyota 16-inch), complications are unnecessary. Keep in mind, 15-inch wheels will not fit over Tundra brakes. The 4Runner bolts will hold the Tundra caliper. The 4Runner brake line will screw into the Tundra caliper (don’t forget your flare wrenches and brake cleaner). The 4Runner hub fits the Tundra rotor. The hardest part of this monstrous improvement in braking for 4Runners will probably be getting the Tundra parts (unless you’ve never bled brakes, which is tricky – ask someone how beforehand).

Your Tundra is capable of doing jobs that most other vehicles would be terrified of and that means that you need to give it the right tools to continue performing perfectly. The right tools means performance upgrades and we have everything you need to improve your vehicle so that it can keep doing your jobs without stress no matter which jobs you have for it. Of course, one area of your vehicle that you can’t ignore is the way it stops so we have a range of Toyota Tundra brakes, and rotors to help it stop perfectly.