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Shade tree mechanic here, have a 2004 e320, production date 09/2003. Going by the star bulletin about the faulty Valeo radiators, cars before production date 09/2003 had the Valeo radiator. I want to confirm that I in fact do not have it since I am at the cut off of 9/03, I have not found the Valeo name tag as any label is hidden underneath the fan shroud (unlike the start bulleting photo) and my end tank clamps do not resemble either of the two pics in the bulletin. I still do not have a sense of comfort though.

I have a friend that had the Valeo Rad problem on an E Class. So, I took no chances and had the Valeo radiator on my 2004 CLK 320 changed once I got a clear glycol test pre purchase.

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Valeo Radiator

So, Thanks Ruedney I found out I have the dreaded Valeo Radiator - so I'm looking to order a new one - I found several brands online and finally tracked down a Behr brand - any reason to go with Behr over other brands like Nissens? Also, can someone give me a parts list and if possible part #'s?? Thanks in advance!

I have a 2003 CLK55 with a 02/2003 build date

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Coolant (with glycol) has leaked past a seal in the Valeo radiator and is now in the ATF. It is beginning to cause a problem with the internals of the auto box which affects shifting, etc.

BTW, I have done some research for "Valeo radiator" keyword and I found many topics, but none of them seems to contain something for 270 CDI engine (612.962 & 967).