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Protect your vehicle and belongings with a mobile security ..

A security key system is embedded into most modern vehicle's keys. A small chip rests on the vehicle's key or under the plastic key cover. When any key is inserted into the ignition, the ignition is coded. The key sends its security code to the ignition, which also has its own security code, and if the security codes match, the vehicle will start when the key is turned. However, if the key codes do NOT match, the vehicle will NOT start when the key is turned. Some early examples of this technology include 's System, or 's System. Some security keys can be programmed by the user, though most of these keys have to be programmed by a dealership or via a . It is not possible to copy these keys at a or .

Hello, my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, certified master mechanic out of Reading, Pennsylvania. Today I'm going to briefly talk about how to change your vehicle starter. Now I want to show you real quick and simple, every starter, most of the vehicles are all different, this is your typical Ford starter. One wire for your battery right here. This one works off a solenoid that's on a car. This is your typical General Motors heavy truck starter. Here's your battery terminal here, your solenoids here, not on firewall like a Ford, again, they all look different. Real simple - I'll move over here so you can see - real simple way - most starters usually have two or three bolts on them, typically Chevy has two bolts going up through the bottom, usually fifteen millimeter socket will take them off. Don't really need too many special tools to take these off, socket, ratchet, extension. A little elbow grease. What you want to do first is disconnect your negative battery terminal, take that off, go underneath here, take the two bolts off of your from underneath and it'll come up through this way. Then pull your starter out of your transmission housing, then get to this - this one wire here, that's usually a thirteen millimeter socket, will take this right off, set this off to the side, and you have one little wire coming off here that's what activates your solenoid, take that off, same thing reverse, put it back up inside there, put your small wire on first, put your big wire on second, put it up in your hole, put your two bolts in it, and you're good to go.

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It is common to assume that a vehicle not starting is the direct result of a dead . In some instance that might be the case, however, sometimes the problem is the vehicle’s . How can you tell if the starter is the problem as opposed to another electrical component? Besides not being able to start your vehicle, here are some warning signs that your vehicle’s starter could be on the fritz.

The Car Salon carries many for the community of Calgary AB. There are many good reasons or feature & benefits for a remote car starter. I love my dog…. my reason for a remote starter is cause when Daisy is with me. I can keep her cool in the summer time and warm in the winter time. The two way paging system lets me know that my vehicle has started. The remote car starter gives me peace of mind! Another benefit to a remote starter is, I use to work downtown. I would drive my car to the LRT station. Then take the LRT downtown to work. I have a long range on my remote so I would start it at a certain place and by the time I walked to my car. My vehicle was warm and ready to go. Love it warm and ready. One of our customers…. is a pilot, so when he is traveling. His concerns were if he has gone on a long trip for a week or so. He wanted a remote starter on his smart phone. So he can communicate with his vehicle from where ever he is. This was great for him because his battery was getting low and it warned him to start his vehicle so the battery would not die. This again saves you Time…. saves you Money….. Our Remote starter prices are competitive in the market and we guarantee all our wiring for as long as you own your car. If you are looking for help deciding which brand is best for your vehicle and are in Calgary AB then stop bye our shop. If you need help fixing or installing a Remote Starter Calgary AB then stop by and see us or .