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Auto Ventshade 94536 Original Ventvisor Window Deflector, 4 Piece (Crew Cab Pickups ONLY)


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Don't you love that comforting feeling of cool, fresh air in the mid of a rainy day without getting wet? That is the beauty of installing window visors, rain guards on your ride-even your truck. And where else can you get those stylish yet very useful vent visors for your truck but here on Stylin' Trucks, your ultimate source for all things truck, remember?

Vent Visors for Trucks are not difficult to install too, even if you are not a professional mechanic. First, clean your vehicle’s surface with alcohol. Cleaning the working surface will make Vent Visors for Trucks sticks better. Most Vent Visors for Trucks has tiny flaps that fit to your window’s frame. Carefully position the Vent Visors for Trucks on the top of your window frame. Some Vent Visors for Trucks don’t need extra adhesive to make them stick. But it is advisable to add extra adhesive to make the Vent Visors for Trucks last longer.

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When you choose to buy Vent Visors for Trucks, please pick the one that is custom made for your vehicle. Their curves fit perfectly to your trucks. Some vehicle models may not have vent visors. If this is the case, you can ask car body shops to make Vent Visors for Trucks specially customized according to your taste. If there are varieties of color for the model you choose, please match it with your vehicle’s color. And don’t forget to check if the Vent Visors for Trucks you wish to buy has guarantee.

Dig around our fine selection of inchannel vent visors and window deflectors, and you’ll find plenty of models that are highly durable and resistant to chips and dings. They’re also aerodynamically designed and won’t easily break, fade, or warp. We provide a broad selection of in-channel vent visors for your truck, car, or SUV, many of which are available in sets of two or four so you can cover just your front mirrors, or both front and rear depending on your needs or the type of cab your truck has.