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RegulatorFix VW Passat (B5, B5.5, B6, B7) Window Regulator Repair Clips (2) - FRONT LEFT (driver side) PAIR

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VW Fox Window Regulator Front. Part Number 5Z0959802B

But you like this car of yours otherwise, so .. hmmmm .... As a compromise to rebuilding all the window parts with a different -- presumably more robust -- brand as suggested above, maybe just have this fixed at an independent shop using VW or VW compatible parts instead of using the dealer. Unless the problem needing fixing is under warranty, you'll usually get more bang for your buck at an inde shop. Choose one with good recommendations that specialize in VW or at least German cars. Also be sure to Google "VW Beetle window regulator problems", see if anyone has posted some suggestions in one of those links. Also it might make sense to proactively clean and lube the door mechanisms once a year.

We offer new and improved VW Window Regulators for 1965-1967 Volkswagen Beetles Sedan stock applications and for converting your 1958-1964 and 1968-1977 VW Type 1 Sedans to one-piece windows.

vw polo window regulator with metal plate (6Q4837461/6Q4837462)

VW Window Regulator Front. Part Number 6N3837401E

1. VW Bora window regulator with plate 2. Vehicle: VW Bora 3. Location: Front 4. Operation: Power 5. Type: without motor with plate 6. Warranty: 1-year, unlimited-mileage warran...

1. VW Polo window regulator/window lifter 2. Vehicle: VW Polo 3. Location: front, driver side 4. Operation: power 5. type: without motor with metal plate 6. MOQ: 100 pcs 7. Delivety time: 20...