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WeatherTech Custom Fit Front & Rear Side Window Deflectors for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, Dark Smoke


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This was my first experience with the WeatherTech vent shades so I had no idea what to expect. They did arrive quickly enough from AutoAnything with no problems. Total cost with shipping was $ 58.95. I only bought the shades for the front windows, but shades for the rear windows are available as well. Upon opening the box they looked near black and I thought; oh crap, this not what I wanted! After removing them from the box and examining them individually in the light, it became apparent that they were only very lightly tinted and very clear. They appeared to be fairly simple to install as they just slide under the window channel and the are held secure in the rear by a small metal clip. The instructions are non verbal and only show five little drawings. The actual manufacturer is a company called ClimAir that appears to be of German (?) origin.

Okay, it looks the vent shade story has just taken a turn, at least for me. It appears that there is only one version of the WeatherTech vent shades for the '05 - '06 Ody, not two, as I was beginning to think. The only difference seems to be in the instructions. Some forum members have indicated instructions that gave them the option of using the clips while others like myself, only got a simple little sheet with some pictures on it with no option. Not a big deal. Initially, the rear retaining clip didn't bother me, but the more I looked at it I didn't like it, but I thought, what the hey, just live with it. I don't really understand why they did this (use the clip), as it seem that most of their other vent shades for other vehicles do not. The rear shades do not use a clip, so what's different ? I have no clue. The one thing I did like about them was that they were optically clear. As far as I know, none of the stick on type I have seen or used are. Anyway, I was pretty much willing to accept the way they were untill we did a fair amount of driving over the Christmas holidays. It seem that the deflectors did in fact produce wind noise around the front pillar. At first I didn't say anything to my wife, but just waited. After about 100 miles of driving she finally said she was hearing a lot of wind noise that she didn't notice before. That night I removed the vent shades. The following day we drove 200 miles and the difference was very noticeable to both of us. The clip I could live with, but not the noise. I called AutoAnything and was given a RA number for return of the deflectors. No problem. I wanted the deflectors for a purpose, not because I think they look all that cool. I'm now wondering if I used the rear deflectors alone, would they produce extra wind noise? I don't know. It might look to stupid even if it did work okay. I'm open to questions and suggestions.

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    They say WeatherTech in the ad, but I have no way of knowing for sure if what I received is actually a WeatherTech product or not. No where on the box or the instructions did the name WeatherTech appear. I'm now a little suspect. I'm looking forward to more comments from other members who have bought the WeatherTech vent shades in the past.