Ask the Experts about this Westin Tube Steps - Running Boards

Westin 21-24015 Black Pro Traxx 4 Oval Step Bar


Ask the Experts about this Westin Tube Steps - Running Boards

The best way to get help getting in and out of your truck is to get some step bars. Westin 4" Oval Tube step bars are designed specifically to help you get that extra leg up while also making your truck or SUV look like a million bucks! The 4 inch design gives you a wider stepping platform than a regular sized step bar does. Made with non-slip step pad, you get the safe stepping area you're looking for in a step bar with these tube steps.

Westin's 4" Oval step bars come in two different finishes. Choose from stainless steel or powder coat black. The stainless steel is so shiny you'll think you're looking in a mirror. The powder coat black is sleek and the perfect match for other black trim on your pick up or sport utility vehicle.

In addition to being able to choose your finish type, the styling of the Westin 4 Inch Oval tube step comes with plastic end caps. These are molded to fit perfectly, giving you a water tight seal. This is important for keeping out water and moisture to protect the bars from corrosion both inside and out. The caps also set off the contours of the bars. The overall design makes your truck look pretty sweet.

Because the 4" Westin Tube steps are custom fit to the year, make, and model of your vehicle, you can rest assured that installation will be a breeze. All hardware, including bolts and mounting materials, are included in your order. These steps attach to the pre-drilled holes on the undercarriage of your vehicle, so there is no additional drilling required in most cases. Great for the do-it-yourselfer!

Today on this 2011 Chevy Traverse, we will be installing the Westin oval tube steps using part number 22-5020-1795. The first step involved is to go ahead and lay out all of the parts and locate their positions underneath the vehicle. We also put the hardware with them as well. First off, we are working on the passenger side. And the brackets match up to the body work. One is closest to the outside edge and one goes over towards closer to the frame. So we will start off with our hardware. When we install our hardware going to the frame here, you will notice two pieces that look very similar. However, this one has a shoulder on it. This one will actually be used towards the front of the vehicle. And that is simply going to slide inside. The hardware we are going to use in this section is going to be this 3/8 bolt and then this bridge nut. We are just going to thread those two together and we are going to put that inside the vehicle body work as well. And also, this one fastener will get a plastic disc. Push that onto the threads as well. 1:00

Ask the Experts about this Westin Tube Steps - Running Boards

  • Below are the installation instructions for Westin Tube Steps, # 22-5020-1795, for a 2012 Chevy Traverse. I have also linked a video showing a typical installation for you. First, remove contents from box, verify all parts listed are present and free from damage. Carefully read and understand all instructions before attempting installation. Determine passenger and driver brackets. Attach front driver side bracket using two 1/2 inch bolt plates, 1/2 inch flat washers, 1/2 inch lock...view full answer...
  • Ask the Experts about this Westin Tube Steps - Running Boards

    Choose from their E-Series, Signature Series and Platinum nerf bars for a round look. For Westin tube steps, choose from 4” or 6” sizes. All provide the quality custom molded gripping pad so you get the best step up into your cab. The non-slip surface is what really makes these step bars worth the money.

    Universal Oval Tubes are visibly similar in design to Westin’s original Oval Tube but there are four very distinct differences. Oval Tube step pads sit snug on the tube body with a higher and more robust appearance (saddle pad). They are black e-coated mild steel. They have capped ends for a finished look and in addition to their visibly distinct characteristics, Westin Oval Tube Steps still feature more uniqueness than perceived at first sight. A hidden track mounting system on which a “C” coupling bracket plate slides along the underside track increases its usage and creates its universal application. And that’s the beauty of it.