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Please everyone, i need your help, what could be wrong with my chevy, the engine is same as the above picture, it wont start whenever its less than 35degrees temperature, i was in the cold for over 5hrs before someone came to pick me up. please whatever you know could be wrong somewhere, please let me know what to do. Thanks alot in advance.

when I get gas my car idles down and wont start immediately I start it go a little it idles down and shuts off. if I go on the freeway then it runs fine after it has finally run a few times right up like it has to build power back up the fuel pump has been replaced and a few other sensors as well and still the same issue we even replaced the fuel pump from a different store the dealer says I have leaks in the converter that may be the cause

How to Fix a PC Which Won't Boot

It does start most of the time but 1/15, it wont start and wont even click as if nothing happens. I still suspect ignition switch (I found a bandage around it when trouble shooting) but a mechanic told me, cars like mine mostly have starter problems. – Dave Sep 6 '11 at 18:55

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i have gx85 john deere and it wont start. i charged the battery, still wouldnt start so i got a new battery, still wouldnt start, changed a 15 amp fuse it finally started then after shut off will not crank anymore what to do?

iam having problem with my 2000 mabuli it turns over but wont start i let it sit 10 min and than it start once in a while it shut off while running what can i do please help i put in a new fuel pump and two weeks later its starts again, please help me