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The OEM fog light kit is designed to be a replica of the factory Xterra fog lights. The lens and basic shape is the same. The only difference might be in lens color, which outside of the standard clear, may be offered in yellow or smoke (more on that later). If you have a set of stock Xterra fog lights that are old or damaged, then a Xterra OEM Fog Light kit is probably a good idea since they look roughly the same and install the exact same way as the originals.

That's not to say that Nissan Xterra Winjet Clear Fog Lights are cheap in quality. Winjet is a worldwide company who has been producing all kinds of fog lens for years, and they are the biggest company to specialize in OEM replacements. And unlike the other non-dealer fog lights out there, Winjet Nissan Xterra Fog Light housings are backed by a full one year warranty against defects.

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    Once you have decided what style you want, the next choice is color. There are usually 3 choices available for Xterra Fog Lights for both the OEM and Halo Projector styles: Clear, Smoke, and Yellow.

    Clear is the color of lens that the dealer fog lights came in and for good reason. Clear Xterra Fog Lights put out the most light of all the colors since colored fog lights have to add some material to the lens, blocking overall light. Also, Clear Foglights, both halo and OEM style kits, look great no matter what color your Xterra is. Also, if you are planning to add colored bulbs of HID kits to your Xterra fog lights, clear is the way to go if you want to maximize the effect of the new color.

    The only downside to clear Xterra Foglights is that their “clearness” can be a liability if your foglights start getting old and worn looking after a few years.