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3. Would I buy Akebono's and Zimmerman Rotors for my WHOLE car -> Probably not, the difference in braking feel to me already is already a bit less than what I'd like, and I can only imagine the brake feel with rear Akebono pads. However I have no issue going with Zimmerman rotors ALL round my car. Depending on the availability of Quality Slotted rotors and the change in bite they give, I may change my stance on this.

The Akebonos' are a great pad and the Zimmerman rotors are great as well. The Akebono's left me feeling a bit less enthralled about my brakes, but in day to day driving and in emergency situations I have no worry that they will take care of me. My concerns with this come with the addition of Rear Akebono pads. With having a 760 and more weight being thrown around, my observations are akin to having a 745 or 750 loaded with multiple occupants. I'm sure many of you will say the Akebono's are great, and they are! But the difference in feel and power makes ME weary of putting them all around my car.

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I donnu about the zimmerman rotors but just to let you guys know that the rotors I placed on my car were bought from ebay but was made in Canada (cheap ones!!!) and those where used everyday going through city traffic and downhill grades and worked better than the OEM rotors.

Do you not know the USD is the new cheap? :naughty:

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2. Would I buy my exact setup again -> Probably I would go with the same setup I'm running right now, Zimmerman Rotors and Akebono FRONT pads with OEM rear pads. The only thing I would probably change in the future is getting slotted rotors in the front to help the bite.

Is anyone running Meyle Rotors currently? My original rotors lasted 91,000 miles from VW. Am I going to be able to tell major differences b/t Meyle and Zimmerman? Zimmermann front rotors are $71.08 each and free shipping at BMA auto parts.